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Present’s Name: Queen Conch

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Present’s Name: Queen Conch

Service includes:




Shell Rosebud/Beige Blush (SKU IP70012)


Herringbone Venus (HE02115)

Kraft box (if your gift is already boxed, for example if the gift is a board game, we will not use a kraft box unless it is requested) Tissue paper Please carefully read the important instructions below:

1. Please choose the most appropriate box size for your gift. If we do not have a box size to accommodate your gift, please choose the closest option we have available online. Our Customer Care Department will call you to go over the details of your gift measurements.  2. Please provide as many details as possible regarding your gift, such as the below:  Brief description of the gift? Is your gift already boxed?  What are the measurements of your gift?  When do you need your gift to be wrapped by?  Will you be visiting us at Midori to drop off your gift? Or would you like us to ship it directly to you or the lucky recipient?  3. Add a Gift Tag for just an additional $2! Once you have chosen your Gift Tag, don’t forget to please let us know the names of your “To" and “From".

Please note!:

1. Please don't forget to provide a description of your gift along with its measurements!  2. If you would prefer to stop by and drop off your gift, please note that the approx. wait time per gift is 30 minutes. Wait time may vary depending on first come first serve. We encourage you to drop off and pick up the next business day at your convenience.  3. If you prefer to ship your gift directly to Midori, please note that Midori will not responsible for any damages during transit.  4. Once your gift is completed, if you would like us to ship directly to you or the recipient, our Customer Care Department will contact you to bill you for the additional shipping charges.