Katazome Checkers Boxes

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These gorgeous high quality nesting boxes are truly unique and a definite showstopper. Each nesting box can be used seperately for gifting, holding your precious items or displayed as home décor. They are made from 100% recycled cardboard and covered with Japanese Katazome paper. The Katazome paper that covers each nesting box is subject to the most elaborate production process amongst all Japanese decorative papers. Firstly, a hand-cut stencil (Kata) made of water-resistant Shibugami paper is applied to a handmade sheet of white Kozu paper. A gelantine-like rice starch paste is layed on, making the covered parts colour-resistant (like batik dyeing). After the glue has dried, the silk-screen print in several colours follows. The pigments deeply infiltrate the Kozu fibres resulting in a unique colour appearance. After drying the colours are light-resistant and the sheet is rinsed in clear water, to remove the remaining paste. Afterwards the sheet has to dry again, often leaving the paper a little undulated. This complex production process corresponds to the old technique of making Kimono drapery and was first used on paper in the 1940’s.

  • Made in Germany
  • The boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and covered with Japanese Katazome paper. The Japanese cover papers are hand-printed in Kyoto/Japan (silk screen print) on a base paper containing a mixture of recycled Kozu, Manila Hemp and fresh cellulose fibres.
  • Small Set of 5 Nesting Boxes 8x5.5x2.5 to 16x10x4
  • Large Set of 5 Nesting Boxes 18x11x5 to 26x17x7
  • Full Set of 10 Nesting Boxes 8x5.5x2.5 to 26x17x7cm