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Hanji Uovo Gift Wrap

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Korean Traditional Paper ʻHanjiʼ has been known by various names as dynasties changed. It has been called ʻGyerimji', ʻSamhanji', ʻKoryeoji', and ʻChoseonji'. Paper was first invented in China, however Korean- made ʻHanji' was considered to be high-quality paper, even in China. ʻHanji' is dense and soft, and ink does not run on the paper.

  • Made in Korea
  • Includes 1 sheet
  • Approx. 25.19 x 18.11"
  • White/Brown
  • Handmade
  • Silk-screen printed
  • 100% Hanji paper

*Due to the characteristics of the material and manufacturing process of Korean paper products, fine grains may occur in some parts or there may be small smears of printing. Please note that this is a natural feature of the product and is not a defect.*