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Chiyogami Neon Power Gift Wrap

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Description: The Chiyogami, traditional, Japanese paper is a work-intensive hand silk-screen print on white Kozu paper, a typical unprinted frame remains. The enormous variety of patterns and color combinations is inherited from Kimono fabric. Two different groups of papers can generally be distinguished: Komon is the appellation for the single-colored, small and often geometrical patterns (ko = small, mon = pattern, emblem). Yuzen summarizes those patterns being embued with vivid colours and gold or silver pigments. The name is derived from a great fan painter in the Edo period, Miyazaki Yuzen.

Material: Base paper contains a mixture of recycled kozu, manila hemp and fresh cellulose fibers.

Additional details: 

  • 1 sheet per roll

  • 63 x 97cm

  • Made in Japan