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Seriously, how fun, tasty, and fresh does our Strawberries Wrapping Paper look? Featuring bright, red strawberries with gold metallic leaves and seeds on a lovely pink background. Looks so good you'll want to eat it! Perfect for birthday's, Mother's Day, showers, and more.

Handcrafted in the Himalayas and used anciently for sacred texts, Lokta Paper has been a staple of Nepalese artisans for centuries. When a Lokta bush is properly cut, its bushes can produce three to eight new, fast-growing shoots, making it one of the most renewable and eco-friendly, non-tree papers.

  • Made in Nepal
  • Includes 2 gift wrap sheets per roll
  • Pink/Red/Gold Metallic
  • Approx. 30" x 20"
  • Handmade silk screened Lokta paper
  • Eco-friendly